This Woman Runs a Support Group for Alien Abductees

It was a story that riveted the nation. Hickson has since died. Now, Parker has written a book about the most harrowing experience he has been through in his 64 years. Calvin Parker is retired now, enjoying time with his wife Waynett. His new book has just been published. He relived what happened about 9 p.

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Hundreds of thousands or millions of Americans believe they have been abducted by aliens. In a typical case, an abductee recounts lying in bed one night when an eerie feeling overcomes him, and alien beings appear out of nowhere. The extraterrestrials transport him to a spacecraft and subject him to a battery of physical and psychological tests. After what seems like hours, he is returned to his bedroom unharmed, and finds that the whole ordeal transpired in minutes.

website, I felt a strong urge to speak with her. She agreed to communicate back and forth via email with me. Image: megawatts/YouTube. Me.

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History of alien abduction claims

Alien abductions make for a good sci-fi plot devices, but it’s easy to forget that we walk among people — in the real world — who claim to have been visited, beamed up and probed by little gray men. New York photographer Steven Hirsch , 63, has met many of these people face to face. He visited this year’s International UFO Conference to meet, photograph and interview people who avow close contact with extraterrestrials. Hirsch, who has freelanced for the New York Post for 18 years, makes a habit of shooting fringe members of society and gleaning their thoughts.

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Alien abduction stories have spread widely over the last hundred years, though they did not truly hit their stride until the Barney and Betty Hill abduction. Some abductees report their abductions as warm, pleasant experiences with intense psychic contact. Other abductees have reported that aliens conducted scientific experiments or operations on their unwilling patients.

How can these vastly different experiences be explained? After the Hill abduction, investigators collected more and more accounts, usually, though not always, elicited through hypnosis. In most cases witnesses told of seeing a UFO or even humanoid beings, then suffering amnesia for a period of anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Some witnesses claimed repeated experiences that started when they were children. The clear implication was that UFO beings typically described in these instances as little gray humanoids with oversize heads, slanted eyes, two holes for a nose, and a slit for a mouth had a long-term interest in certain human beings. Some abductees even reported that the abductors had put small implants — usually said to be tiny balls inserted through the nose and apparently into the brain via a long needle-inside their bodies.

In time new and even more unsettling dimensions to the abduction experience came to light. Some female abductees reported sexual experiences followed by pregnancies that would be terminated in a follow-up abduction some months later. Not surprisingly, such reports gave rise to furious controversy. Even many ufologists rejected them, preferring, in common with UFO skeptics, to believe “abductions” were fantasies generated by the process of hypnosis itself.

Alien abduction claims examined:

The October issue of The Psychologist is mainly devoted to psychological considerations of human interactions with outer space. The article I found most interesting , about close encounters with aliens , was written by Christopher French. Nick Kanas also speculates about how astronauts will cope with deep space travel.

One fascinating scenario for interstellar expeditions described by Kanas involves a giant multigenerational starship on a year expedition to Alpha Centauri the closest star system to our solar system. The crew is socially engineered to ensure a stable population adequate to the limited space, food and water resources on board. The initial crew people are young, childless married couples who will not have children until they enter their 30s.

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Marcelo Gleiser. In the United States the first story of abduction by extraterrestrials that received national attention was that of Betty and Barney Hill, a couple from New Hampshire who claimed to have been kidnapped in a UFO in There is, however, another, earlier, story of abduction. According to Villas Boas, he was plowing fields with his tractor when he was taken against his will by a group of ETs measuring about 5 feet tall.

On their spaceship he was put in a room where he saw some kind of gas come out of the walls, making him sick. Then a very attractive female, naked, with long platinum-blonde hair, fire-red pubic hair and deep-blue cat eyes, came to him and forced him to have intercourse. I imagine he didn’t resist much. According to Villas Boas, her intentions were quite clear: to produce a human-alien hybrid that she would raise on her planet.

After he got back, Villas Boas noted he had burns on his body. A doctor from a reputable medical center diagnosed them as radiation burns. Villas Boas had no recollection as to how he got the burns.

Alien Abductions

He turned 80 recently , but he says if he had settled down, he would have had plenty of children. Although he might not be on the site dating, he says he will make regular contributions. I like to keep on top of things. When asked if there are certain types of people who visit his site that should be careful because they might not make a good match, Kreskin had a warning for people who believe they may have been visited by aliens.

So one could be a contradiction to the other and it could cause a conflict. This is part of the excitement of life.

One of the oldest books returned was a copy of George Bernard Shaw’s “​Man and Superman.” It had a due date of Jan. 29, and was.

History of aliens abduction claims describes assertions or claims that people have experienced alien abduction. Such claims came to international prominence in the s and s, but some researchers argue abduction narratives can be traced to decades earlier, such abduction stories have been studied by investigators who believe the accounts describe actual, literal interaction with non-human or extraterrestrial entities.

Others have investigated alien abduction claims from a more skeptical perspective, arguing they can be best understood as expressions of folklore or various psychological phenomena. Although these two cases are sometimes viewed as the earliest abduction narratives, skeptic Peter Rogerson argues that this assertion is incorrect: the Hill and Boas abductions, he contends, were only the first “canonical” abduction cases, establishing a template from which later abductees and researchers would refine, but rarely deviate.

Additionally, Rogerson notes purported abductions were cited contemporaneously at least as early as , and that “the growth of the abduction stories is a far more tangled affair than the ‘entirely unpredisposed’ official history would have us believe”. The phrase “entirely unpredisposed” appeared in folklorist Thomas E.

Bullard’s study of alien abduction; he argued that alien abductions as reported in the s and s had little precedent in folklore or fiction. While “alien abduction” did not achieve widespread attention until the s, many similar stories are known to have been circulating decades earlier. These early abduction-like accounts have been dubbed “paleo-abductions” by UFO researcher Jerome Clark.

The UFO contactees of the s claimed to have contacted aliens, and the substance of contactee narratives are often regarded as quite different from alien abduction accounts. However, Rogerson contends that it is often difficult to determine the division between contactees and abductees, with classification sometimes seeming arbitrary. Allegedly genuine stories of kidnap by extraterrestrials goes back at least to the mids, with the Antonio Vilas Boas case which didn’t receive much attention until several years later.

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Widespread abductee was generated by Betty and Barney Hill abduction case alien again history alien known dating several years afterwards , culminating in a made-for-television film broadcast in starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons dramatizing the events. The History incident was probably history prototypical abduction case, and was perhaps the alien where: [ citation alien ]. Neither the contactees nor these early abduction accounts, alien, saw much attention from ufology , then still largely reluctant to consider close encounters of the third kind, where contactees allegedly interact with occupants of UFOs.

The Barney and Betty Hill case alien almost universally considered the most famous case ever of purported abduction. Barney and Betty were driving home on a history free from other cars late one night. They both saw an odd light coming at them from above. They then blacked alien-abduction and found themselves back on the road, driving.

I Was Abducted By Aliens

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