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Now with a second album Leo Rising the duo goes independent. JN: Jerry Nunn Good to see you both again. AH: Amy Heidemann We have so much to catch up on. JN: Start off with talking about the two of you coming together in a nutshell. We met in college and started the group. We have been dating for almost ten years now. We were crazy to start the music group together because now we work together constantly and are around each other every day. I was rapping, which was unexpected coming from a girl from Nebraska and a guy from Maine. We were assigned to a record deal and had some songs that got played on the radio. We are now independent for the first time since that.

Karmin’s Amy Heidemann & Nick Noonan Are Married!

To help promote their upcoming performances, musical duo Karmin has teamed up with Tone Body Wash for their summer tour with the Jonas Brothers. Since Amy is known for usually sporting loud elaborate hairstyles, I was surprised to hear the singer plans on wearing her hair down and curly for the big day. Great answer. To get them ready for their future as Mr.

about dating), their marriage to each other (the who-proposed-to-whom story), and when Nick made Amy cry (the wedding ring-on-sale tale).

But it turns out the chain of events was a cosmic sign—one of many that has profoundly influenced the couple following a recent astrological reading, and ultimately resulted in the aforementioned EP, appropriately titled Leo Rising. Below, more from the Noonans on the zodiac and how their sound has evolved over time. Eleven years is a long time! How did you two meet?

Why did you decide to meet with an astrologer? Nick: It was a gift from our band and crew. We were pretty skeptical at first, but it blew our minds.

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Magazine in , Karmin singer Nick Noonan joked that he and his musical ‘​Oh by the way we’re married,"” and two years later, it looks like that’s Another fan what the Smile album would smell like if it had a scent.

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Exclusive Interview: YouTube Stars Karmin

The music industry defined the beginning of her career, telling her what to do and who to be. From leaving her previous record label to creating her own distinct sound and thoughtfully choosing her new stage name, Herby is ready to move forward with solo music and share her authentic self with fans — but not without acknowledging her roots. In , she found herself in a whirlwind career change. Before she knew it, a video of her singing and rapping had been viewed millions of times and she became signed to Epic Records with partner Nick Noonan as the duo, Karmin, remember ” Brokenhearted?

Here’s the thing. The people who said “I don’t know you relationship and can’t say​” do have a point. Each relationship is unique and heavily influenced by both.

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Karmin Dishes On Their Gay Wedding, Nick’s Bulge & The Drag Queens Of Maine

For those unaware, Karmin is comprised of real-life lovebirds Amy tell the story of how they met and began dating in their new video for. We had acquired rather stay as had stood. Magazine in , Karmin singer Nick Noonan joked that he and his day off and say, ‘Oh by the way we’re married,"” and two years later,. So taking it level user that means the mornings, you may collect and structures in hookup partners for older women on the. At the Super Send a textand get along by Necrolai.

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Since , American pop duo Karmin aka Amy Noonan and Nick Noonan have been serenading fans with their unique takes on chart-topping hits. Now, with more than 1. And lucky us, got to meet with them just this afternoon real quick for an exclusive one-on-one interview. It has been about 5 years or so. Amy: Married life is amazing.

Nick: Married life is not much different because.. What made you decide on your current genre? Nick: That kinda happened.. I think our genre now is a little bit..

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Karmin are on the brink of dropping ‘Hello,’ their first-ever album on a major label, and PopCrush was able to catch up with the duo prior to its release on May 8, En route to a show in Missouri, Ill. Amy and Nick also go into detail about the overall sound of the album, rapping and alter egos, as well as the inspiration behind their latest hit single ‘ Brokenhearted. How did you two meet at Berklee? So we ended up meeting freshman year. I think we met at a concert we did together — Nick was a jazz trombone player and I was just one of the string artists at the school.

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YouTube cover stars and real-life couple! Karmin’s “swag rock” out on their debut album. YouTube cover stars—and real-life couple! After graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music with degrees in trombone performance and professional music, what’s next? Nick worked at a boxing gym. I was a wedding singer, Adam Sandler-style,” says Amy. So the duo—together both professionally and personally—started covering chart-topping songs on YouTube, just for fun.

They chose the moniker Karmin, a combination of carmen , which is Latin for “song,” and karma , because, as Nick says, “We needed to put out good vibes. The pair put a soulful spin on Taylor Swift and Rihanna, but it was Amy’s rap skills that blew them up. She was wrong. Within hours, “Your Love,” by Nicki Minaj, became one of their most popular covers to date. The impressive ease with which Amy can throw down Lil Wayne’s mile-a-minute freestyle might explain why Karmin caught the attention of everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Ryan Seacrest.

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By Tamara Abraham for MailOnline. It might be Santa who traditionally sits in a sleigh at Christmas, but Karmin’s Amy Heidemann certainly looked comfortable taking the reins in the video for their new track Sleigh Ride. With the expert guidance of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, the couple, both 26, doubled as models for the brand, working some of the fall season’s must-have items.

Pop-rap duo Karmin have had some set backs the past couple of months but it Karmin Time: pm Date: Venue: Fremont Street Experience Free.

The year-old Aussie native has two EPs out and is working on her first full-length album. Karmin is year-old musical and personal partners Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan known for their No. We caught up with them by phone from Los Angeles — where all happened to be at the time — this week. Their comments have been slightly edited for length. Has that happened yet? My boyfriend played guitar for me so it was kind of very sweet the two of us. It just so happened when I put out my first EP, that the first few bloggers who picked up on it were these gay pop music blogs in New York, so it kind of worked out perfectly that my biggest demographic is LGBT.

I was never taught to think of anybody differently. Then I got a little older and I had friends who came from very conservative backgrounds and I was confused as to why they thought that being gay made you different. I grew up in the middle of Sydney, so I had always been around everybody. It will definitely be very fun and wonderful and drunk, I imagine.

So that will be my first one on Friday. Is that Peter Thomas, your collaborator or someone else? In your songs, your accent is there.

Karmin Drops Dramatic New ’70s-Inspired Music Video for ‘Blame It on My Heart’

They left Epic Records in the middle of and have since released music independently. Their second album Leo Rising was released on September 9, In , the duo took a break on Karmin to focus on another project, Qveen Herby , Amy Noonan’s new alter ego.

karmin amy heidemann nick noonan are married 01 45+ pics inside of Emma Roberts, Abbie Cornish, and others at the Rolling Stone & Google Play Party.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Starting as a novelty act that released covers on YouTube, they signed in with Epic Records. In March , the duo released their debut album, Pulses. They left Epic Records in the middle of and have since released music independently.

Karmin’s Amy Heidemann, Nick Noonan are making strides professionally and personally

A for an interview, opting to take the cozy bean bag chairs instead of seats in the screening room. She and husband Nick Noonan, the other half of their music duo Karmin, had just finished a day-long dress rehearsal for their album launch party. But if they were weary, it didn’t show. The duo — who met at Berklee College of Music and have been together 11 years — have come a long way since their cover of “Look at Me Now” went viral in For starters, they don’t want just bean bag chairs in their home anymore.

The track will appear on the pop duo’s new album Leo Rising, due Sept. 9.

We sat down with them to get the scoop on the inspiration for the album and how they manage to eat clean even while traveling. From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? How do you two start your day? Nick : I try to drink two big glasses of water before I do anything else. Then, its been eggs with organic chicken apple sausage and green tea. Amy: I start with coffee Nespresso and Nick cooks me eggs and gluten-free toast. God that sounds good.

Your upcoming album centers on astrology — which we love. Talk to us about how that came to be? People have been reading the stars since…well, since there were people! I would say it helps people understand themselves. Favorite part of working together?

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